Gordon Barlow — UX Designer

I am a user advocate. I design, develop, and own the user experience to serve the user best. I enjoy creating solutions and simplifying processes. My creative thinking, honest disposition, and persistent drive to unite all in a common vision shows in the teams I work with and in the results I produce. I take joy in converting complex, difficult experiences into clear, simple flows that users don’t even have to think about—they just use.

Senior Multimedia Designer and Developer – DHI Computing Service, Inc. – 11/2001 to 2/2008 (6 years 3 months)

DHI Computing Service, Inc. includes the following Business Units: FPS GOLD (Banking Software and Services) GOLDPoint Systems (Financial Software and Services) DHI Provo (Dairy Herd Information Processing) and PCIS GOLD (Healthcare Practice Management Software) and DHI Corporate, the company containing the business units.

  • Work performed at DHI:
    • Designed, developed, and maintained consistent product branding online, PowerPoint presentations and interactive Flash presentations, sales and marketing presentations for nation-wide sales staff, public websites and internal intranets, graphics for training applications and interactive training menus, theme based conference materials, including PowerPoint presentations, maps, games, and logos.
    • Designed and developed for print, summer party t-shirts, security posters, gift certificates, and internal newsletter design and maintenance.
  • Technologies used at DHI:
    • Development: architecture: ASP, HTML, PHP, XHTML, XML; best practices: clean coding practices, code organization, and W3C compliance; browsers: Internet Explorer 5-7, and Firefox; optimization tools: Image optimization; scripts: ActionScript, JavaScript, MooTools, and swfobject; styling: CSS, GIF animation, and bitmap transparency mapping.
    • Design: digital: Adobe: Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, ImageReady, Photoshop, and Streamline; best practices: icon/image/graphic organization, sprites management, and styling in CSS over images; modeling/animation: 2-D: Adobe: Flash and Illustrator, and GIF animation; 3D: Cinema 4D XL; Print: Adobe: Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop; Sound: GoldWave; Video: Flash Video Encoder, Media Encoder, and QuickTime Pro; Wire Framing: Illustrator and Photoshop.
    • Management Tools: documentation: Intranets and websites; office products: Microsoft Office: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word; Corel WordPerfect Office: Presentations, Quattro Pro, and WordPerfect; project management: Microsoft Excel.
    • Operating Systems: Windows: 98, 2000 Professional, XP Professional.
  • Selected projects and accomplishments at DHI:
    • Developed digital packaging for FPS GOLD’s products to maintain a consistent look across all products, and develop a more cohesively branded experience for the user.
    • Rebranded Pocket DHI-Plus with a new logo and interface for their mobile application, the rebranding was very well received, and DHI-Provo was excited about how progressive the interface looked.
    • Architected a plan for a content generated bank statement design, freeing 3 programmers from servicing the bank statement generation, by automating the process, which provided design options, rapid statement requests, using customer service representatives rather than programmers, and increasing the profits made in bank statement revenue. Incorporated future phases for client based design options, and provided client’s bank statements with highly presentable products. Presented this idea to the heads of loans, deposits, customer service, and the vice president of product development.
    • Designed and developed a sales application for a nation–wide sales staff, allowing the sales representatives to choose different views based on needs. Included 3D generated commercial with different background music according to client taste, a history of the company, a digitized copy of the sales brochure, and a product demo. Collaborated with designers, technical writers, instructional designers, and vice president of communications, multimedia manager, and the president of sales.
    • Developed a ‘Deal or No Deal’ game application for the vice president of communications for a conference for FPS GOLD (a banking/financial software application). The game randomly generated different offers based on changing percentages. All the game controls were hidden allowing game play behind the curtain as if there was a ‘banker’ making offers behind the scenes. The game was very well received and players had fun while learning the software.
    • Designed and developed 5 annual directions conferences including graphics, logos, t–shirt designs, lanyard designs and an intranet information center. Included a motivational theme–based interactive environment incorporating information on the conference, registration page, theme–based PowerPoint presentations, and training in speaking and presenting at the conference.
    • Designed and developed the registration process for clients, as well as a directions conference mini–site, for conference dates, activities, presentations and games. Participated in live presentations and skits, as well as professional high definition video production, explaining the need for products and services. Worked directly with the director, camera operator, gaffer, video editor, sound engineer, technical writers, the multimedia manager, head of sales, and the vice president of communications.
    • Designed and developed CIS icons, allowing banker’s to identify client needs and profitability.
    • Worked directly with programmers, managers, and the president of PCIS GOLD to develop 5 annual interactive Flash and Acrobat conference registration attachments for emails submitted to clients.
    • Worked with the director of training, technical writers, and the multimedia manager to design and develop multiple interactive menus, tray cards, and CD labels for DOCS on CD for GOLDPoint Systems and FPS GOLD.
    • Created various informational packets, with graphic explanations of the content, collaborating with the president of FPS GOLD, vice president of product development, and the vice president of quality assurance.
    • Worked with product managers, writers, heads of: marketing, training, multimedia, and communications to design and develop the FPS GOLD website, the CIS blog to help FPS GOLD clients better relate with CIS (Customer Information System) the relationship banking product of FPS GOLD, and the corporate intranet for DHI Computing Service, Inc. (consisting of four data processing divisions).

Senior Multimedia Designer and Developer – DHI Computing Service, Inc. – 11/2001 to 2/2008

DHI — Corporate Intranet

DHI — Corporate Print work


DHI — FPS GOLD® — Customer Information System (CIS) blog

DHI — FPS GOLD® — Deal or No Deal Game for Directions conference

DHI — FPS GOLD® — Directions 2004 conference site

DHI — FPS GOLD® — Directions 2005 conference site

DHI — FPS GOLD® — Directions 2006 conference site

DHI — FPS GOLD® — Directions 2007 conference site

DHI — FPS GOLD® — DocsOnCD™ 2004

DHI — FPS GOLD® — DocsOnCD™ 2005

DHI — PCIS — site prototype


“Gordon is a very detail–oriented and conscientious individual who is a delight to work with. His ability to grasp a projects inner–most details and bring them to life is one of his greatest assets. I highly recommend Gordon Barlow and believe him to be an asset to any project he is entrusted with.” – Regi Milán, Manager, Graphics Department, DHI

“Gordon is one of the most passionate people I have ever met and had the pleasure to work with. I would recommend him highly for anyone looking for a person with integrity, strong work ethic, and a passion for digging into the details and figuring things out.” – Thomas Denton, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, DHI

“Gordon is a dedicated and passionate worker and has a strong desire for success. Gordon enjoys improving his skills where he thrives from learning everything possible. He has a very diplomatic approach when working with team members.” – Brandon Fullmer, Manager, Multimedia Communications, DHI

“I worked with Gordon for several years and was always impressed with the work he did. On a few occasions I went to him to get technical help and he was always willing and capable. Gordon was a good employee and we miss his contributions to our company.” – Gilbert Porter, AVP Tech Support, DHI

“Gordon does excellent quality of work. When he helped us out with a project, he was very accommodating and put forth a lot of effort to make sure that our needs from him were met. He’s easy to work with and is very knowledgeable in his field.” – Steve Webster, Programmer, DHI