Gordon Barlow — UX Designer

I am a user advocate. I design, develop, and own the user experience to serve the user best. I enjoy creating solutions and simplifying processes. My creative thinking, honest disposition, and persistent drive to unite all in a common vision shows in the teams I work with and in the results I produce. I take joy in converting complex, difficult experiences into clear, simple flows that users don’t even have to think about—they just use.

UI Designer and Developer – ZAGG (via ConsultNet) – 4/2014 to 4/2014 (2 weeks)

Prototyped responsive Bootstrap developed front-end work for ZAGG's eCommerce application.

  • Technologies used at ZAGG:
    • Development: architecture: HTML 5; best practices: clean coding practices, code organization, and W3C compliance; browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari; optimization tools: Firebug and image optimization; software: Bootstrap; styling: CSS 3.
    • Design: digital: Adobe: Dreamweaver, ImageReady, and Photoshop; best practices: icon/image/graphic organization, and styling in CSS over images.
    • Management Tools: office products: Macintosh: Mail;
    • Operating Systems: Macintosh: X;